Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Was just Hoping, Maybe If I Didn't Say It Out Loud, That It Wouldn't Be True.

It Takes A Second To Fall In Love, It Takes A Lifetime To Know What Love Is.

I Was Made To be Unbreakable Love Was All I Knew.

Love Is Not Always The Answer.

Music Is My Only Cure.


I Wanted To Be His Favorite Drug.

Those Three Words Can Ruin Everything.

Only The Memories Can Cure Me.

Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't Have Fallen In Love with?

All She Really Needs Is A Call For Help.

In Our Hearts We Will Always Be Together.

Find A Cure, Find A Cure For My Life.

She Finally Gave Up She Dropped The Fake Smile As A Tear Ran Down Her Cheeks And She Whispered To Herself I Cant Do This Anymore.

Just Like Ipods Hearts Are Being Played Around The World.

Amor Vincit Omnia = Love Conquers Everything.

She Was Constantly Reading Song Lyrics And Quotes No Body Understands How These Words Described What She Never Managed To.

She Was Just Your Typical Teenage Failure And They All Made Sure She Knew It.

He Loves Her Only In Abstract.

Everything Looks Perfect From Far Away.

I Believe In Music The Way People Believe In Fairy Tales.

The Music Is All Around Us All We Have To Do Is Listen.

The Best Part Of Beauty Is That Which No Picture Can Express.

The Bridge To Nowhere.

The Perfect Sunset.

Waiting And Thinking.

The Eyes OF A Killer.

Phase 2.

Phase 1.

Pale Complexion.


You Can't Hide Much Longer.

Just A Silhouette.

Blow Them Out.

Make A Wish.

Dark Night.

White On White.

Mosaik Apparel 2.

Mosaik Apparel.